Effective Negotiating


By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand the three basic negotiation rules
  • Identify and utilise active listening skills in negotiating
  • Be able to utilise effective questions in negotiating
  • Understand how to build trust without excluding their own interests
  • Be able to negotiate with real skill and power



  • The three basic rules of negotiation
  • Aristotle's triangle
  • Principled Negotiating Guidelines
  • Active Listening
  • Four communication styles
  • Persuasive Language
  • The 5 point plan of persuasion
  • Negotiation “jujitsu”




Margo is a rare individual who possesses in equal measure a depth of experience, warmth of character and skill in engagement. A combination which makes her a powerful catalyst for leadership growth in the people she works with. 

Andrew Donovan, Director
TBL Australia Ltd