Decsision Making and Problem Solving



By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand how to identify any issues and problems in their work areas
  • Be able to gather information and generate options to utilise opportunities within these issues/ problems
  • Understand how to choose the most appropriate options for action
  • Identify strategies to involve and enrol staff in the decision (including key performance indicators developed within operational plans)
  • Have in place methods and procedures for following up on operational plans
  • Be able to develop and act on contingency plans in the event that initial plans need to be varied


  • Identifying issues, problems and opportunities
  • Gathering information and generating alternatives
  • Choosing and committing to action
  • Involving others
  • Following up on the process
  • Developing Contingency Plans







Margo is a rare individual who possesses in equal measure a depth of experience, warmth of character and skill in engagement. A combination which makes her a powerful catalyst for leadership growth in the people she works with. 

Andrew Donovan, Director
TBL Australia Ltd