Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace


By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence
  • Recognise the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace and in our personal lives
  • Be familiar with the 5 areas of emotional intelligence as defined by Daniel Goleman
  • Know how to apply the concepts in both work and personal life


  • What Emotional Intelligence is
  • Why corporate Australia is embracing the concept
  • The Five components of Emotional Intelligence:
    • Self Awareness
    • Self Regulation
    • Motivation
    • Empathy
    • Social Skill
  • Ways to apply emotional intelligence in both work and personal life



Margo is a rare individual who possesses in equal measure a depth of experience, warmth of character and skill in engagement. A combination which makes her a powerful catalyst for leadership growth in the people she works with. 

Andrew Donovan, Director
TBL Australia Ltd