Margo Lockhart & Associates

Margo Lockhart is a highly regarded facilitator and designer with an excellent reputation for developing trust and rapport in the working environment.

Her extensive experience in program design, implementation and presentation in organisations such as BHP Billiton, AXA, The Body Shop, the ANZ and National Banks and Lonely Planet has established her as an effective and professional facilitator of change and development in the workplace.

With an academic background in education, counseling and organisational dynamics, Margo brings a disciplined and reflective focus to her work. Her experience in the area of corporate ethics includes chairing the Ethics Committee at The Body Shop. Extensive work in leadership development has involved both establishing and managing an in-house coaching program involving 80 managers at two different levels at AXA Australia; and facilitating the BHP Billiton Graduate Program through the Melbourne Business School. Margo is often asked to train trainers.

Whilst regularly facilitating management and leadership programs at the Australian Institute of Management and the Melbourne Business School (Mt Eliza), Margo also runs programs in Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation Skills, and Train the Trainer. She is an experienced board director, having spent 10 years on the boards of various environmental groups

Style and Focus

Margo balances her natural energy and enthusiasm with a well developed method of reflection and human warmth. On a one-on-one basis, Margo quickly and easily establishes rapport and respect with clients. Her facilitation style is collaborative, interactive, open and honest. Her concern at all times is to “connect” with her clients in a meaningful and genuine way.

Aside from applying the fundamental training principle of catering to different learning styles, the principles Margo uses to guide her training design and implementation are that effective training is interactive, challenging, and outcome-focused.


Margo is a rare individual who possesses in equal measure a depth of experience, warmth of character and skill in engagement. A combination which makes her a powerful catalyst for leadership growth in the people she works with. 

Andrew Donovan, Director
TBL Australia Ltd